Friday, August 19, 2011

Grand-mama Fudge

There are specific things that you remember vividly from your childhood. The sound of mom using pots and pans in the morning; the smell of dad's workshop; and the taste of Grand-mama's fudge. Even now, these and more are things that take me back to those glorious days.

There is such comfort that we can feel when we experience these things as adults and there are times in our lives that we seek for such comfort. There are times when we need to take ourselves back to those moments of our childhood.

My grandmother's fudge was legendary! Some would rather refer to it as chocolate candy. Either way, it is sweet and delicious goodness!

The hard part is that making "Grand-mama Fudge" is an art. Chocolate can be a difficult beast to master. Luckily as a child, I would assist Grand-mama in the kitchen during the fudge making process. Since she has gone on to be with Christ, it has been my personal goal to master the art and to keep alive the tradition of this delicious recipe. To me, it brings me back to the comfort of my precious grandmother; the loving prayer warrior we loved so dearly.

So, more than 5 unsuitable batches later, I give you

Grand-mama Fudge!

Back to the comfort of my childhood...