Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here and Now: Meet Riverside

I just realized that the second blog post is much more difficult than the first. There are so many directions that I can go and numerous stories that I want to share. But which one first? So I decided that I my first segment of posts would show where we are right now. It is usually so easy for us to tell of the past or even of the dreams we have for the future. Sometimes realizing where we are in the here and now can be a bit more challenging. I do look forward to telling of the past and our dreams for the future but explaining where we are now seems crucial for setting a point of reference.

So first and foremost, where are we geographically...Meet Riverside.

We currently reside in a pleasant little community on the upper west side of Atlanta called Riverside. We are ITP (inside the Perimeter) off of Bolton Road between South Atlanta Rd and South Cobb. For the OTP (outside of the Perimeter) peeps that is the Vinings area ITP. 

Riverside is smaller community that I feel has a lot of heart. One of the first things that we noticed when we moved here in May 2010 is that Riverside embraces community. The residents here truly care about the community where they live. It is diverse. A good mix of blue collar and white collar. Houses built in the 50's or earlier and homes that are a few years old. Even the age ranges are diverse. There are individuals who have been here for a long time but I would say that the majority of community is comprised of middle aged singles or families. We meet many people who are in the mid 30s. There are not many children running around our neighborhood but there will be in a few years. Many of the families have newborn or young children. So I hope that gives you a snap shot of Riverside. It is a vibrant area that I believe will continue to grow and change in the years to come.

In all, Ross and I are confident that God has brought us to this area for a purpose of making His name known among this diverse group of people. It brings numerous challenges but we are confident that Christ is at work here and has been long before we arrived.

Proverbs 16:3 "Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."

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