Monday, December 26, 2011

Advent Christmas Ornaments

I wanted to make some ornaments this year for my tree. And even though it is already after Christmas, I finally finished them.

I wanted to make something that correlated with Advent that I can use for years to come.  This is what I came up with:

Here's how I made them.

Items needed:
  • 5 clear ornaments (usually come in a pack of six at a craft store)
  • scissors
  • text template (view template here)
  • color printer
Step 1: Print out text template using a color printer. I printed them and inserted paper again to print the same text on the back.

Step 2: Cut the template into strips. *note the thinner the strips, the easier they will curl.

Step 3: Curl each strip like you would a ribbon. Don't curl them too tight. They fill out the ornament best if they are a little loose.

Step 4: Insert strips into the ornaments.

Ornaments finished!

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